How does the City of Guelph support its community engagement policy?

    The policy is supported by the City’s Community Engagement Program which provides engagement planning and implementation supports, training and resources to City employees. The Community Engagement Framework provides City employees and decision makers with a consistent approach for City of Guelph community engagement processes. 

    Does the City of Guelph have a community engagement policy?

    Yes. The City of Guelph has a community engagement policy which became effective in 2014. The policy includes Guiding principles for community engagement which are: inclusive, early involvement, access to decision making, coordinated approach, transparent and accountable, open and timely communication, mutual trust and respect, continuous improvement and evaluation. 

    The policy also outlines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in City engagement processes, from City employees and Councillors, to citizens and community stakeholders.

    Why is community engagement important to the City of Guelph?

    Sometimes the City engages our community to meet regulatory or legislated requirements.  Beyond this, we want to include community voices and wisdom in our municipal decision making processes. Effective community engagement helps all interested citizens and stakeholders to understand the full scope and impact of municipal decisions. Research tells us that cities with effective community engagement processes develop more sustainable plans, strategies, programs and policies to improve the lives and work of citizens and community stakeholders.

    Our community engagement goals are to:

    ·  Support the City’s strategic goals through transparent, accountable, consistent and accessible community engagement.

    ·  Create engagement opportunities that inspire community stakeholders to shape Guelph’s future.

    ·  Support decisions that reflect the common good for all Guelphites now and in the future.

    ·  Build community stakeholder trust in the City of Guelph’s decision making process.

    What is community engagement?

    Community engagement brings people and organizations into decision making processes on common issues and opportunities that impact their lives. Community engagement activities can be done in person and online. Effective community engagement provides opportunities for all interested people to have informed conversations with each other. It encourages respectful sharing of ideas and opinions.