What we are planning next

What’s next?

Working in a community-driven way has taught us to not be too certain about the next steps as the community may choose otherwise. This is what we expect to happen next:

  • Community feedback collected online will be discussed with the advisor’s circle of community members and final changes will be made.
  • Guelph’s Community Plan will be updated with new section and shared with City Council and the community in the first quarter of 2022.
  • This new section of the Community Plan will be incorporated into the City’s engagement approach from this point forward.
  • This phase of the City’s anti-systemic racism work will shift from “how we need to work together” to “what we need to do together” to set the community standard for the elimination of systemic racism.

Shift to developing Action Plans

The City’s next step will be to work with community members, organizations and institutions to co-create an action plan to outline the specific strategies and actions that must be taken to eliminate systemic racism and barriers to inclusion from our institutions, policies and governance structures. The City committed to this next phase when it joined the Coalition for Inclusive Municipalities.

Much, much more is forthcoming about this next phase of the work.

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