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Safe connections are everyting!

by Yvette,
I have been riding a bike for years in Guelph, so I don't see the city from new eyes. When I travel down the TCT, I take for granted that I have to cross Eramosa Road unsafely, and that I have to gingerly walk my bike along the Speedvale Bridge in order to continue to the other side.

It wasn't until my sister visited from London, Ontario, and I decided to take her for a bike ride to a local cafe. When we went to cross the TCT at Eramosa Rd., I could see the fear in her eyes. Ditto at Speedvale. Of course, in London, there are underpasses on the trail along the Thames River. You don't have to stop at arterials and risk your life.

I'm also friends with a woman who comes from Calgary, and she informed me of all of the underpasses that allow for 138 km of continuous trail, with only one intersection to cross.

My own daughter lives in Brampton, and even they have a trail system that is envied due to the lack of need to cross arterials. They have underpasses isnstead.

So what is it about Guelph? We have so many beautiful natural features in this city, but they are mostly accessible to the fit and athletic population, due to the need to cross unsafe arterials where there is often not even a traffic light. Let's make Guelph accessible to all by providing safe, inviting connections from one excellent trail system to another. Thank you.

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