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What do you need from the City to feel included, safe and celebrated in Guelph? Your comments will be anonymous, and they will help us make this City an even better place.

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    What about safety? How about spending that money wisely and making AccessAbility a priority? So, so many people can't even get around Guelph due to barriers! Vision, hearing and physical ♿

    asked 5 months ago

    The community partners and City staff engaged in planning the rainbow crosswalk identified accessibility as a priority for this initiative. City staff with expertise in accessible design advised on the pattern, location and materials. The accessibility features of the rainbow crosswalk include:

    • Location at a traffic light-controlled intersection
    • Prominent parallel white lines running the length of the crosswalk, providing clear visual contrast to mark the width of the crossing point
    • Limited use of dark colours in the design to minimize potential visual perception issues
    • Use of grit-infused thermoplastic material that is slip resistant
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    Thank you for this initiative! Just a quick request for the crosswalk - please make sure to use the most recent progressive Pride flag that includes the symbol for Intersex!

    Katrina Stephany asked 5 months ago

    Hi there

    We had looked at using the most recent progressive Pride flag, however he intersex symbol cannot be applied because of limitations of the material being used to create the crosswalk. In discussing this with our community partners, we agreed to use the classic progress flag design on the road, and will include the progress flag with intersex symbol on the signage on the retaining wall at the west entry point to the crosswalk.