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Nature and History at the Reformatory Lands

by Marlene,

I am a bird watcher and since moving to Guelph about 20 years ago, I have been visiting the Reformatory district regularly in search of birds. Many other birders use the area as well during all four seasons of the year. In fact, in mid-April 2022, a very rare Warbler for Wellington County- a Yellow-throated Warbler- showed up in the area of the Superintendent’s House and stayed for over a week. Many birders came from other areas in Ontario to view this rarity.

As well, I love the stone walls and stone stairs at the Reformatory as they speak to the history of the area. The same goes for the Superintendent’s house. The historical significance of this area is important and should be considered carefully when making decisions.

I really like the small bridge over the stream that enters the large ponds and would love to have it saved. Walking the trails around the ponds is very popular with folks and it would be a shame to lose them.

Nature is so important to everyone and it seems we are losing so many natural areas around Guelph. A great many people would be impacted by the loss of the Reformatory district therefore, I hope that a good portion of it can be kept for public use.

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