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by survery,
I have been familiar with the OR site since moving to the area in the 1950's.

It has always been a beautiful green entrance to the City of Guelph from the East.

The vision, foresight and planning of the creators of this site deserve to be honoured and to be part of the history of Ontario. The history of the site is rich, varied and very relevant to modern times. The learning of trades, gardening [vegetable and flower], quarrying, stone wall building etc. The history is important to all of Ontario's.

There is the history and there is added to that, the priceless value of this green space with its streams, ponds, springs, some of the most beautiful stone walls that I have seen in Ontario, trees of many species, shrubs, bushes, meadows, animal and bird life.

This site's importance goes beyond Guelph and I hope that we have the vision and courage to preserve these lands for ourselves and for all of those who will walk these lands after us.

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