Can the order of changes be adjusted?

    The short answer is yes. Some routes are dependent on changes of other routes or construction on certain roads, hubs, bust bays, etc., but most changes can be reordered if that is what is best for Guelph.

    Can the changes be implemented sooner?

    The changes depend on yearly budget approval. If the best transit system proposal sees changes happening sooner, this will be recommended to Council for consideration.

    What kind of changes can I suggest for this proposed transit system?

    We are accepting any feedback on the proposed transit system. While not all requests will work in the larger system, all feedback will be considered while we make the final transit plan.

    How can I provide feedback?

    You can complete the online survey at, or contact us at Include "Route Review" in the subject line. You can also call us at 519-822-1811/TTY 519-826-9771 to schedule a call with the planning team.

    Are there any routes in this proposal that have absolutely no changes proposed?

    There are three routes that do not have any proposed routing or service level changes. These are Route 6 Harvard Ironwood, Route 14 Grange, and Route 52U Kortright. Route 8 Stone Road Mall, Route 56U Colonial, and Route 58U Edinburgh do not have any proposed routing changes, but some service levels are proposed to change.

    Where will stops be placed for new routes?

    The exact location of new bus stops will be planed after the routes are finalized. 

    Has COVID-19 affected what has been proposed?

    Yes. The planned timing of changes has been affected by COVID-19.

    Will this proposal increase bus fares?

    This plan does not consider fares. A fare strategy will be completed after the route review is done.

    When will a final decision on the network be made?

    A refined transit system concept will be presented to Council for consideration in November. All proposed changes are subject to budget approval.

    Will I need to transfer more with the new transit system?

    The number of transfers depends on where you are starting and ending your trip. Many proposed routes provide more cross-town travel, which may mean fewer transfers if you no longer need to transfer at a terminal.

    What hours are Weekday AM Peak, Weekday PM Peak, and Weekday Evenings?

    Weekday AM Peak is generally between 7 and 10 a.m.; Weekday PM Peak is generally between 2 and 6 p.m.; Weekday Evenings are generally service after 10 p.m.

    Why are Industrial Express routes mentioned as a route type but none are proposed?

    Industrial Express routes are intended to be designed in partnership with employers. We will look for those partnerships once the route review is complete.

    Why are you proposing a return to conventional service for the Hanlon business parks in year 1?

    On-demand service works best in areas with lower demand/ridership. Once a certain ridership level is achieved, it is more efficient and effective to provide conventional service. It is anticipated that ridership will increase in the Hanlon business parks to the point that on-demand will no longer be effective. However, ridership numbers will be monitored to make sure any changes are appropriate.

Click here for questions about specific routes

    What happened to routes 1, 2 and 11 in years 9 and 10?

    It is proposed these routes are combined into one route – Route 97 Edinburgh.

    Why is there a dashed line for Route 7 on the map in year 8?

    There are two proposed options for the route. One travels as the Route 7 currently does using Ptarmigan Drive, and the other option is extended onto Pheasant Run Drive.

    Silvercreek Parkway North and South are not currently connected. Why does Route 9 Silvercreek in year 7 show the route being connected across the dead end?

    There is a proposal under consideration to connect both sides of Silvercreek Parkway in the next few years. If this road is not connected by the time Route 9 Silvercreek is set to start, the route can take the Hanlon Expressway as a temporary routing.

    Why is there a dashed line for Route 10 on the map in year 7?

    The routing of the Route 10 depends on whether or not a road is built between Imperial Road and Elmira Road. If a road is not built, it is proposed that the route turns around using Tovell Drive and Willow Road.

    What is the difference between routes 13 and 23 in year 8?

    Route 13 travels clockwise, and Route 23 travels counter-clockwise. This provides service in both directions.

    What is the difference between routes 15 and 25 in year 9?

    Route 15 travels clockwise, and Route 25 travels counter-clockwise. This provides service in both directions.

    What happened to Route 18 in years 9 and 10?

    This route is changed to the proposed Route 96 Victoria.

    What happened to Route 40?

    Route 40 has not been running since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is proposed that the route not return when full services resumes as it is normally under-used. We can make better use of our staff, busses and other resources to serve busier routes.  But please tell us what you think in our survey.

    What happened to routes 51U and 57U?

    It is proposed these routes, along with route 50U Stone, are combined into one route – route 50U Scottsdale.