CLOSED - Shaping Guelph - three scenarios for growth

In 2020 we had community conversations about one possible way for Guelph to grow and what other growth scenarios should be explored. Technical studies on housing and employment lands have been completed. Based on these conversations and technical studies three growth scenarios have been prepared. Growth scenarios look at different ways Guelph can accommodate and manage its population and employment growth to 2051. The three growth scenarios are:

  • Scenario 1 meets the minimum forecasts and targets of A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (APTG) using the Official Plan urban structure, heights, densities, and lands uses as the guide
  • Scenario 2 builds on scenario 1 but adds more medium density housing, like townhouses and mid-rise apartments, to the city-wide housing mix
  • Scenario 3 increases the target amount of housing in the already developed areas of the city – the built-up area, from 50 per cent to 55 percent, by adding more low density housing, like single detached houses, and medium density housing to the city-wide housing mix

Share your reactions to these growth scenarios, your thoughts on the proposed growth scenario evaluation framework, and a proposed urban structure – an urban structure defines area of the city of that are the focus for different types of uses like industrial and residential. Your input will help us develop a made in Guelph growth strategy that will guide and manage our growing city for the next 30 years.

More information on the growth scenarios, proposed evaluation framework, and proposed urban structure is available here.

CLOSED - Online surveys

These surveys are now closed. Thank you for participating.

Learn more about the growth scenarios and complete the growth scenarios and growth scenarios evaluation framework survey as well as the urban structure survey between April 15 and May 7. Hard copies of the surveys are available by calling 519-822-1260 extension 2459.

Virtual Town Hall April 15 - UPDATED

A virtual town hall was held on April 15 to share information about three growth scenarios for Guelph, the proposed growth scenario evaluation criteria, and proposed urban structure. A recording of the town hall is now available.

Why does Guelph need to grow and develop?

Guelph must plan for population of 203,000 and 116,000 jobs by 2051 to meet provincial Growth Plan targets. This work is part of Shaping Guelph—Growth Management Strategy and supports our Official Plan review. In June 2020, City Council endorsed a draft vision and principles for growth based on community input.

This work aligns with the Sustaining our future priority in the City’s Strategic Plan by supporting population and economic growth for future generations. This work also supports the Community Plan by preserving our “Guelphiness” as our city continues to grow.

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