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10 Carden (10C) is involved!

by Smart Cities Team,

During our workstream meetings, we receive input from and collaborate with organizations and individuals on how to meet our Smart Cities Goals. One of our workstream members, Julia Grady, Co-Founder and Excecutive Director of 10 Carden, writes about one of the contributions it can make to the Smart Cities goals:

"10C is in the process of launching the shared commercial kitchen. This work began in 2016 and has really had an opportunity to align with the goals of Smart Cities, circular food economy... we had a “test the business and vision model” with a group of invested people. Feedback showed that we were on track and will have a good opportunity to align this space to community need, values and potential. An open process gave the best way to surface and support ideas.”

10C holds amazing and engaging social events regularly, among other services, in downtown Guelph. It is well worth a visit!

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