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Conestoga College is dedicated to a circular food economy

by Smart Cities Team,

One of our workstream members, Luis Garcia, Chair of the Institute of Food Processing Technology [IFPT] at Conestoga College, describes the Institute's dedication to making a circular food economy possible:

“At IFPT we have been working towards making our food industry better in many ways, one of them is reducing waste and we are doing it in two ways:

  • Training programs: educating students on the importance of maximizing use of resources, raw ingredients, etc.
  • Through applied research projects with SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises]. We’ve helped them optimize use of resources through automation and better process design.

Through the Smart Cities challenge we are considering the development and launch of an education program on the topic of Circular Food Economy.”

So much done and amazing things to be done by Conestoga College's IFPT regarding a circular food economy!

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