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The SEED is making a difference

by Smart Cities Team,

During our workstream meetings, we receive input from and collaborate with organizations and individuals on how to meet our Smart Cities Goals. One of our workstream organization members, The SEED, describes the many ways in which the circular food economy concept influences their activities:

“Because of the Circular Food Economy:

  • The SEED is scaling up our work in employing and training NEET [not in employment, education or training] youth (20 youth in 2019)
  • Employed at SEED social enterprises and other Circular Food Economy businesses”
  • The SEED is launching the Upcycle Kitchen
  • The Upcycle Kitchen will also be available for other food businesses to use the space to develop/launch upcycle food products”

The SEED has a lot of valuable knowledge and experiences to share to make Our Food Future happen!

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