About the Maps

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  • The zoom capability is limited on the interactive map, see the information box (i) on the left side of the map activity to download a PDF to view each street of interest in more detail.

  • The green shaded areas are the only zones currently being considered for on-street patios. This does not mean a patio will be placed on all of the green shaded areas, but an on-street patio application that meets all of the necessary criteria would be accepted within these zones.

  • The maximum allowable depth of the on-street patios are indicated throughout the PDF download maps and may vary in different parts of downtown. Smaller patios may be considered in some cases.

  • The red markers on the PDF download maps indicate traffic diversion areas and do not necessarily indicate actual traffic barriers. Barrier needs will be determined each patio season based on the traffic safety needs of all of the permitted patios and the barriers used may differ throughout the downtown core.

  • For those maps where traffic remains open, the traffic lane size allows for vehicle access in each direction of traffic flow (including busses on appropriate streets) while also allowing space for an obstruction such as a temporarily parked delivery truck.

Sample area of map to display marking typesSample section from the Macdonell PDF download map

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