Design Options

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Check out the design options that were considered for each of the study corridors.

With contributions from residents and key stakeholders, our design team has reviewed key destinations, connections, constraints, and “pinch-points” along the study area corridors. A range of design options were developed for each of the three study areas, including:

Do Nothing: Keep things as they are.

Cycle track: One-way, located behind the curbs of the roadway, often next to the sidewalk, physically separating people on bikes from motor vehicle traffic.

Multi-use path: Two-way shared pedestrian and cycling facility, physically separated from motor vehicle traffic, often located similarly to a sidewalk, but larger to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists.

Protected bike lane: One-way, on the same level as the roadway, with physical separation between people riding bikes and motor vehicle traffic with materials such as curbs, bollards, or planter boxes.

Hybrid approach: A hybrid of the design options described above is appropriate for the corridor.

Note: The above graphic representations are being used as examples only, to show what AAA facilities can look like. This is not a proposal of how any of the roads under our study will look.

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