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A lot to be proud of!

by Smart Cities Team,

During our workstream meetings, members shared and learned so many things among one another. Members from the workstreams related to each of the three goals were asked to reflect on what they are most proud of regarding the Smart Cities-Our Food Future proposal. Below is what they had to say:

“I am proud of the level of collaboration and true sharing of ideas and resources around issues of food security in our community. We have moved the discussions and actions from charitable giving to root causes and equity of access. This has lead to the development of the SEED and the North End Harvest Market and many other progressive programs, projects and services.”

“I am proud of the continuing raising of awareness around food waste issues. The initiative has raised the profile of food waste issues in all respects; waste management, economic opportunities and food security. People are thinking and talking about the issue which is an important first step.”

“I am proud to work in a visionary community with stewardship in its DNA and to work with committed and dedicated staff and partners who make it a reality. The SC work has increased awareness with respect to food waste reduction and its role in creating a more sustainable community.”

“Proud of joining such a diverse and talented group and this work we have done to develop the Smart Cities application.”

“1) I am proud to be a part of this collaborative process – where leaders in the community are coming together to empower the lives of citizens and businesses. 2) I am thrilled with the partnerships between the county and the city.”

“Proud to be part of a project that may have a positive impact on climate change! Proud to work towards ending hunger and malnutrition. Proud to work on a project that looks at creating business opportunities that reduce waste (positive environmental impact).”

“Proud of being a part of so many community conversations on food security and having opportunities to work with so many passionate and driven community partners. I’m proud that I can bring an evidence/research lens to be considered in the various community projects. Over the years I’m seeing more consistent understanding and use of the terms food security and food insecurity (i.e. understanding the root cause of food insecurity is related to income)." - Nutritious Workstream

“The fact this project has made the food insecurity issue more real for individuals who normally feel that food banks, community agencies meet this need. The fact that educating individuals on the issues, how to use the resources better, and continue to grow the great work already being done.”

“Supporting businesses with recognizing the value of ‘purpose’ and how that relates to a circular food system. For example, with a strategic priority of ‘operational excellence’ and key performance indicators and goals established, they can make more informed decisions about their business and its impacts (both positive and negative).”

“Making more clear/understood the connection between food and all the aspects of wellbeing that food intersects with and has impact on and is impacted by (physical health, mental health, income, housing, transportation, sense of belonging, employment, the economic potential, etc.)" - Nutritious Workstream

“The Smart Cities challenge has helped to bring together stakeholders across the social, environmental and economic development sectors to truly collaborate like has never been seen before to solve real world problems. Guelph has always been regarded for its excellence in environmental and agri-food innovation. S.C. further solidifies this position and puts Guelph on the global map as a magnet for talent, business and innovation in those areas.”

“Bringing awareness and gaining support to a topic that Guelph/Wellington can become a leader in:

  • Decreasing the space between social-economic-environmental in this area in a topic that is overarching to the community we live in
  • Learning new things that this area excels in – waste reduction specifically
  • Witnessing the excitement this project has brought to all stakeholders”

"Opportunity to influence food environments across Ontario! We will be working on a comprehensive food environment assessment that other communities can replicate or learn from. Plus we’ve paired up with Public Health Ontario to shape our methods. This work enables collaboration!” - Workstream 1: Nutritious foods

“Support access to data related to access to nutritious food to be better support evidence informed decision making and to guide strategic directions.”

Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge, experiences and excitement in this process!

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